Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a fantastic little beach city in southern Vietnam. The beach is great, the hotels are swish, and restaurants are aplenty. It strikes a great balance between liveliness and relaxation. It’s not too busy and not too boring.

It was the first of April, and I had another easy day of driving. I was off to Jungle Beach, a small resort on a peninsula about 50km farther north.


As I only had a short way to go, the morning was mine. I rose early to wander down the beach and grab some photos. It was a properly hot day, and the wandering wore me out a bit. Luckily there were a bunch of places to stop, including a brew-house on the beach where I had lunch.



Eventually I dragged myself out of town. I had to go by the big highway now, highway 1. The heat was on high, so I was rather low on energy by the time I arrived.

The turn-off to the peninsula. It’s easy to miss.

The resort, ‘Jungle Beach,’ has a communal dinner table, so it’s easy to get to know others staying too. There seemed to be a lot of Germans. I hadn’t expected to be doing so much socialising, but it was great and I ended up turning in rather late.

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